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Welcome to Ndege Security, Uganda's ony specialist secure escort service.

Ndege Security was established to service the growing need for secure transportation of goods within East Africa.

We offer:

  • COMESA wide coverage
  • Escorts for any size convoy
  • Customisable Operating Procedures
  • Road and Air routes recces and assessments

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About Ndege Security

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Ndege Security is the only Uganda-based company specialising in escorts for goods in transit.

We are also able to advise on selection and procurement of electronic security measures for static sites and goods in transit.

Ndege Security is a licensed security company with strong connections in Uganda through the directors of the wider Ndege Group. We are always happy to discuss new ventures or strategic linkages with companies seeking to explore Uganda’s undoubted market potential.

Our Services

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Convoy escorting

East Africa poses numerous challenges to companies seeking to move high-value or strategically important cargoes. Poor road conditions, lengthy delays at border crossings, and organised or opportunistic crime can all hinder the safe passage of goods. As of late 2011, at least two incidents of truck or cargo theft were being reported every night on Kenya’s Malaba-Mombasa highway. Meanwhile, the region is susceptible to periodic outbreaks of political unrest that can necessitate the delay or diversion of goods in transit.

Ndege Security’s cargo escorting service provides third-party oversight of your cargoes from loading to final destination. Ensuring that convoys remain intact, observe correct discipline and follow agreed procedures for rest-stops, refuelling and check-points can all help to mitigate risks. Our staff will maintain a constant presence with stationary or broken down vehicles, ensuring that the main convoy is not delayed unnecessarily. They will also provide regular status updates by SMS as well as a final report on completion of each job.

If an extra layer of protection is required, we can provide hi-tech tracking seals.

Standard operating procedures for cargo escorting can be customised to suit specific client needs. Our staff and vehicles are licensed to operate throughout the COMESA region.

Road and air route recces and threat assessments

Before choosing routes for valuable cargo, an executive visit or a company evacuation plan, Ndege Security can lay the groundwork for you. Our expert staff will conduct route recces and produce practically-focused threat assessments, as well as offer advice on risk mitigation measures.

Ndege Security can also provide ongoing monitoring and threat assessment in response to evolving political and security situations in Uganda, Kenya and beyond.

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